Monday, March 15, 2010


Did you ever have to do those exercises where you were given 100 different colors and told to put them in order from lightest to darkest hue? I was terrible at it. I couldn't figure out the difference between a green with a blue-ish hue apart from the green with the red-ish hue... which one was darker?! I don't know, they're just DIFFERENT, I don't know which one is darker! It was pretty stressful. Thank goodness I don't have to worry about that much anymore.

Last week I went to Home Depot and stole about 60 or so paint color samples. Slowly, I've been putting coordinating hues together in my cake notebook for people who need help with deciding colors for a birthday party, wedding, etc. Having your colors picked out BEFORE you plan everything is key. It helps to bring everything together, to find cohesion, something that pleases the eye and brings the WOW factor. Do you have a favorite color combination?

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